Welcome to my corner of joy on the information superhighway. Here you can browse a roller coaster report on my doings interspersed with a collection of curiosities curated by me. Here my musings are dutifully recounted; photos can be found; updates on projects are posted; links to other Karen Lee Hall sites are helpfully aggregated; amusing collections are curated; and exclusive news breaks of the goings on in the continuing adventure of Karen and Harry on their farm in Costa Rica. When the ants invade our house, it will be reported here. Once the hanging beds are installed in our forest, enticing pictures will be posted here. Plus all the monkey-made video diaries will also be available right here. (Yes, we think monkeys can make videos).

Please also check out:
scarypumpkinknits.com — a line of original, hand-made knit accessories;
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and soon coming: an insider’s guide to Costa Rica. Stay tuned, it will be announced here.

I hope you enjoy your browsing and I promise I’ll do all I can to make this worth your valuable time. yers, karen