The idea of keeping a ship’s log came to me while driving to San Jose. I get my ideas while moving. Writing a blog is cool, it involves finding your topic, photographing it, perhaps researching it, and then writing in as entertaining a way as possible. Yet it doesn’t record the daily stuff. And this adventure is in the details.

My memory is of a very poor quality. Always has been. Perhaps it was manufactured in a sweat shop somewhere unpleasant by people with no real experience with what a good memory really can be. But there you have it, I have no memory to speak of. So this will help me remember.

Of course I have no doubt this will not be worthy of the name Ship’s Log, as it will ramble and also miss important bits. It will also likely be very ‘me’ centric rather than do the important work of recording all the details of the ship, so to speak. So, to all the great ship captains of the world, my apologies.